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DESCRIPTION: Just a short while ago, we posted quotes from Star Scott bragging of the protection provided for Calvary Temple children. And today we bring you another update - a church member previously a long time deacon is under arrest for child sexual abuse. What follows is the shortened version of the original post along with the two updates.

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EXCLUSIVE: Allegations of sex abuse involving Sterling church - Story | WTTG

That evening we met with our Pastor and his wife. Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, I was immediately hooked up to heart monitors because when your liver doesn't function, your blood .. not drinking, drugs or partying; not sex; not having a boyfriend, etc. One of the most disturbing events occurred when Scott married a You can't mourn to the place where you can't function in ministry . Star Scott has said that often people don't leave Calvary Temple . But this thinking that people must marry young, or soon after meeting, in order to avoid premarital sex. Former members say Calvary Temple in Virginia pressures people to banish loved ones. In , when she and her husband were having marital problems , she . sexual assault by church leadership, including by Star Scott himself, to try In , Calvary members learned that Scott's wife, Janet, was.

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If you're wondering whether you're in a cult, the answer is yes. Molly's family 9 months before they all joined Calvary Temple. The picture above is one of the last pictures of this family smiling together. They are now estranged.

Sadly this happened after they all joined Calvary Temple. This is a story of abuse, manipulation, control and submission. If you have children and enjoy being a family, read what happened to this family. We thank Molly for her willingness to share this painful story of the breakup of their family. Next week, we will be moving on to some other stories. However, if ex Calvary Temple folks wish to share their stories, we will be happy to post them on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

I have not seen them since the fall of I have Star scott calvary temple wife sexual dysfunction met three of my grandchildren. We lived in rural New York, until the Star scott calvary temple wife sexual dysfunction of Our story began when my daughter Gretel and her friends planned to run away from home. Our oldest son Jonathan offered to bring Gretel to Virginia to complete her senior year at the school in Calvary Temple.

We purchased a run-down townhouse, remodeled it and moved in. My husband returned to NY, coming to visit us every other weekend. We had no alarms about Calvary. Many young adults that my kids had befriended came up to NY often to stay and ski or hunt. Many in our circle of family and friends thought these kids were a joy and blessing, and they sure loved their church. We were all impressed. One person did say they had read on the Internet that the church was dividing families.

I asked some families we had come to know if there was any truth to that. Star scott calvary temple wife sexual dysfunction said it was not true. All the youth activities seemed to be just what she needed. They made her feel like a burden to us. This was an awful time for our family. I thanked him for his concern, but reminded Waleed she was my responsibility before God, not his, and I would do as I saw fit.

She asked to come home, and, of course, I said yes. I began to asking other parents and our deacon why they condoned such behavior. After leaving Calvary themselves, they came to apologize to her for the cruel treatment. That was so brave of them. Following the birth of her beautiful son Noah, Gretel proved to be a wonderful mother.

I objected, thinking she should continue college and work part time. And she could live with us. I had been offered a full time position with a neurologist in Reston, but my husband told me to turn down the job and raise Noah, according to the pastor's orders. I told them all that I disagreed strongly, but would submit.

I was asked to work a couple days a week at the Calvary school, helping the teachers. They seemed to be the best of people, of high integrity. The wife of our kids high school teacher, Star scott calvary temple wife sexual dysfunction on a family vacation with us, shared in vague terms she would leave her husband if she could.

She dismissed the idea, saying she had but they didn't believe her. I went to our deacon Waleed and said they were struggling. I had only known this lady for about a year, and thought they knew more about people in their church than I. At the time, I did not know he had actually fled Kenya because there was a warrant for his arrest.

He was being accused of breaking up families and having underage girls marry members of the church. At Calvary, we were told his life was being threatened for the gospel's sake. We had not met him before this. I t was in these meetings I first heard the concept, that even when a husband is wrong, he is right, and therefore to be obeyed. I told pastor Zarou that when someone's wrong they are wrong, and when they are right, they are right.

They do not get a pass on sin because they are a man. This angered pastor Zarou. He said my knowledge of the Bible made me puffed up. P astor Zarou inferred constantly that I was not a Christian, because I did so many good works. Therefore I must just be a Catholic, trying to earn my salvation.

He accused me of trying to influence my husband and said that I was hindering the children's relationship with their Dad. He often asked me to start taking anti-depressants because he said my emotions were "over the top. The stress in my marriage built up. He started not answering phone calls and I sometimes had to locate him through his mother. One day he announced to our deacon he was going to give away our business!

I strongly objected, and was rebuked. He was increasingly irresponsible towards his family, and deferred to the pastors in making decisions. Never in my life had I been timid. I couldn't put my finger on what was wrong. Was it me, my husband, or pastor Ron, whom I disliked? Never did I think we were being systematically divided through subtle means by Pastor Scott. Although I know at every meeting, we were told that what was being shared was coming from Pastor Scott's heart.

He was aware of our situation, cared, and was trying to help us. Only one time did I ask to meet with him personally, and he told our deacon "no. She was not allowed to be with her family. In June ofunable to reach my husband, I returned to New York for a visit, bringing our daughter Christina with me.

We had a good week but when I wanted to extend the visit, my husband insisted that we return to Virginia. I didn't want to go back, but obeyed. When I arrived in Virginia I was immediately called into a meeting with all my children, two pastors and Pastor Scott's wife Greer.

I was accused of being rebellious and told I was being "marked. I was told I was leaven and could not be in church or with my family. There was no explanation. Sobbing, I asked why. I was told to submit to chastening and then I would be allowed back. I was told my husband approved of the discipline to "break" me. She is rejected by her husband and oldest son and her daughter is taken from her. When I returned to my home after the meeting, I was left with only my youngest daughter Christina.

I begged my children to stop this, but my oldest son told me I was rebellious because I had gone to New York without asking Dad. By phone, my husband said that the pastors were going to take Christina from me due to my rebellion.

He Star scott calvary temple wife sexual dysfunction because I was in rebellion to the pastors authority. They took Christina away a day later, having her go live with her brother. I protested saying it was wrong and that Pastor Scott would never agree to that. He said they had told him to put me out in the street. The motel was a kindness I didn't deserve. In front of me, Star scott calvary temple wife sexual dysfunction called the pastors and I heard them tell my husband that it was a great idea.

My husband took my wallet and car, bringing me food every other day or so. I was warned me that I would not see the children again unless I submitted to the chastening. I was told to not contact any family or friends in New York. I later learned that my Star scott calvary temple wife sexual dysfunction had been told I had left home and abandoned the family.

At the end of six Star scott calvary temple wife sexual dysfunction, my husband was told to bring me my wallet, key and car. I was told to pick up some clothes at home while the kids were in school, and get a job to Star scott calvary temple wife sexual dysfunction myself until the pastors felt I was entirely broken. I was cautioned again to not contact anyone in New York or my kids. I was not supposed to call my husband.

If he wanted to talk with me, he would initiate the call. I was told to wait for calls from Pastor Zarou and he would see if I was broken enough to come home.

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Leaving Calvary Temple

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Why'd my gf do this? That evening we met with our Pastor and his wife. Pastor Star R. Scott is Senior Pastor of Calvary Temple in Sterling, Virginia, I was immediately hooked up to heart monitors because when your liver doesn't function, your blood .. not drinking, drugs or partying; not sex; not having a boyfriend, etc. Former members say Calvary Temple in Virginia pressures people to banish loved ones. In , when she and her husband were having marital problems , she . sexual assault by church leadership, including by Star Scott himself, to try In , Calvary members learned that Scott's wife, Janet, was..

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