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DESCRIPTION: By johnhere, April 1 in Questions about Asexuality.

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Yes, I've tried and failed talking about this before, Guydyke dating site we all know how well that turned out. While I do have my own personal reasons for bringing up Guydyke dating site discussion again, I don't want to be the main focus here - so a warning ahead of time, to keep things purely academic and not personal? There's a TL;DR at the bottom, because this post turned out a lot longer than I had originally planned.

So after my last disastrous thread on the subject, I decided to do some more research on the concept of Girlfags and Guydykes, just so I could say that I knew what I was talking about and how it fit in with what I already knew.

A refresher of the definitions:. So I was looking around, and I found a few boards for people who identified as such When you consider this one of the many definitions of genderqueer, and you combine it with some of the other definitions "both man and woman" or "moving between genders", in particularthen it makes sense that it would count as a valid, legitimate genderqueer identity.

Well written and detailed articles on the subject, written by other people who share this identity like this Guydyke dating site also do well to explain how Guydyke dating site feels while breaking any possible stereotypes surrounding the concept.

Tumblr tags also dig up a lot of helpful things about it. Not just because of the name - which even I admit it unfortunate - but because of the concept itself. The fact that it often includes an attraction to gay men means that a hell of a lot of people see girlfags as "cisgendered perverts" who ruthlessly objectify gay men and their relationships just for kicks while trying too hard to invade the queer community which, seriously, isn't true. A lot of the stereotypes to do with yaoi fangirls, and how they're apparently immature women-children who are too afraid of "real" relationships to enter one themselves whilst projecting themselves onto their yaoi, are also applied to girlfags not helped by the fact that girlfags are often "fujoshi" too.

One last complaint is the idea of how you can be attracted to gay men in particular, and how Guydyke dating site appears to some to be stereotyping. So overall, the internet - Guydyke dating site the queer community as a whole, from what I've seen - has taken a very dim view on the concept of girlfags and guydykes. And just like yaoi fangirls, it's the girls who are like this who get more negative attention and flack for it than the boys.

So, for the people who do think this is a legitimate genderqueer identity - what does this actually mean in relation to gender and sexuality? Because just looking at the concept, it's actually really interesting when you really look deeply at it. The questions and ideas this immediately raises in my mind:.

There are rather intelligent arguments to support the idea that Girlfags and Guydykes are a type of genderqueer identity and therefore can count as a valid genderqueer identity. There are lots of criticisms about the concept, which makes it pretty undiscussed. However, it has in my brain triggered lots of possible ideas and questions about gender and sexuality, which may or may not be interesting to talk about. The main questions of this thread that are up for discussion: Do any of you think that it IS a valid identity?

If Guydyke dating site, why not? Are any Guydyke dating site the criticisms at all valid, or am I not the only on who thinks there's something distasteful about identity policing and claiming that people's identities are not only non-existent, but offensive? And could this ever be a full, visible part of any trans or genderqueer community without there being any criticisms? I'd go into the personal reasons I have to bringing this debate back up, but you know what, I'm not going to.

I know what might happen if I do. However, I am still interested in seeing an intellectual discussion of it, mmmkay? Because it's not a concept that's talked about at all, and when it is people are quick to criticise it. I wouldn't go so far as to shut down the possibility of girlfag and guydyke as legitimate genderqueer identities. As a genderqueer person myself whose experiences with dysphoria are minimal at worst, I definitely agree with point 5 on your list. To quote Zinnia Jones:. Also, point 9 hits close to home with me, and I take a very firm stance against identity policing in the slightest.

On the other hand, I do find the "guydyke" concept somehow similar to "girl on girl is Guydyke dating site fantasies that many straight guys somehow have, albeit less outright perverted, and more genuine, perhaps. I guess I can see both sides of the argument, but I would not stop anyone who identifies as girlfag or guydyke from doing so, as long as they don't cause any harm to themselves or others.

Not much has changed in 15 years and I suspect it won't for another generation or two or three. It has to do with a territorialism created out of the fact that for the vast majority of people, biology is Guydyke dating site and sex and gender are inextricably linked.

I've often thought that it helps to think of the concept of genderqueer as being the final frontier to boldly go there is to be a little too queer. Funny side note about something that happened Guydyke dating site I didn't have to work today, so I was out scouting for materials for a project.

I'm in blue Guydyke dating site and a pocket T-shirt and bopped into a burger joint in the afternoon to get something to eat. As often happens, "May I help you ma'am? I don't even have to think about it anymore, I can do either on the spur of the moment.

Today I went for female, and got 'Sir" in a somewhat negative connotation when my food was delivered. Had I went to a deeper voice in a monotone, I probably would have received an apology. It's really pretty easy to push the buttons of many cisgendered people.

One just has to be ready for the results, though. What does this say about ideas on sex or romantic expression? If I were to try and Guydyke dating site a man "like a man would do", what would I have to do differently? I don't see this idea as a possible negative, by the way - on a basic level, it would make people more open to sexual practices that they may have thought could only be done by the opposite gender, or social behaviours and attitudes towards romance that are expected of the other gender.

I've realized lately that a lot of what I thought was a lack of desire to have sex, was closer to a lack of desire to have sex in a male body. Along with a Guydyke dating site of other gendery issues that have been on my mind.

You know you can always talk to me Guydyke dating site stuff, if you're worried about bringing it up in public Guydyke dating site being judged or anything. This is the thing about "girl on girl is hot", is, they don't actually like watching lesbians, they want two girls that will sexy each other up, and then they want to be able to jump in there and bang them both as a man. I have brought the whole "I'm a girlfag" concert up to my two gay friends, they never felt the least offended by it, and found it pretty much possible.

Sure there could have been a different term that didn't use a derogatory word but then again what would describe it better. Yeah, I agree its not the same thing.

The reason alot of guys watch lesbian porn is because they dont have to look at man-ass. That is not quite the same as appreciating lesbians as an Guydyke dating site. I also don't see what is so offensive about 'girlfag'. Its short, fun, and conveys a specific meaning--which is all good. People just get all uptight about the word 'fag' being thrown around. The word can be offensive in certain contexts likefor example, whenever a member of the Westboro Baptist Church says the word but if the word isn't being used in an offensive context then whats the harm?

Being called a 'man' can be offensive in certain contexts as well but that doesn't make 'man' a bad word--so why is 'fag' singled out? I've been reading The Ethical Slut and they mention girlfags in their book in a positive way.

They didn't focus so much on "man-on man-is-hot" but more on gay culture and how gay men interact with each other in a sexual context that we all could learn lessons from. I won't judge if you feel like going into your personal reasons for bringing this up. You can PM me too if you like. It really sucks you are getting backlash for being a girlfag but thats a problem with the queer community and not girlfags.

Its an unfortunate human condition to circle the wagons whenever something is different from their world view--even within communities that have experienced marginalization and hatred as well.

And it came to Guydyke dating site, they gathered in the desert and built a Tower of Babel, saying, "Let us make a name for ourselves, lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. But Sex saw that this allowed them to become One, to be one people with one language and one will.

So Sex said, "Come, let us go down and confound their speech, so that there may be conflict that will drive them out from behind their great Guydyke dating site walls. And so driven out, they went out into the desert and built treehouses.

And Sex saw that this was good, that Sex was once again the Alpha and the Omega and that those who have forsaken Sex would always be barren wanderers in the desert whose language and gender none will understand. For verily, it is written, if one wants to visit the treehouses of the Children of Sex, one must do exactly This and Think exactly That or they shall never have the Understanding that Passeth All Peace.

Your mileage may vary. This post may contain thoughts that are prohibited by laws in your Treehouse. Nature reserves the right to make certain exceptions about Gender.

Certain Exclusions may apply in your Treehouse. Tax, Tags and Title extra. I remember hearing a guy explain it like "let's say you had a puppy, and it's adorable.

Now, let's say that you had TWO puppies, and they're both Guydyke dating site around and licking each others Guydyke dating site and isn't that even cuter than just one puppy on it's own? That's why guys like lesbians. I don't think Guydykes and Girlfags are like this at all. On a personal level, I never stoop to the level of objectifying other people. Admiring them, yes - but the qualities that I admire about them aren't their entire Guydyke dating site, are they?

And I keep that in mind, that they're this entire person that I don't know about and that my admiration is only okay as long as I keep that in mind. The same goes for any person I consider attractive, really. I think a person may admire someone else, and even admire the kind of Guydyke dating site they have, without losing sight of the fact that they're complete human beings with more to them than just their looks or their relationships.

Does that make any sense? One of the problems is that a lot of girlfags are indeed yaoi fangirls. It's really easy to Guydyke dating site how the two things overlap, really. I'll be honest, though, there's a big difference between writing yaoi stories about fictional characters who aren't real existing people, and taking the exact same attitude towards real people. For a lot of people, either completely heterosexual girls or girlfags, writing slash is a safe way of exploring these feelings in a way that doesn't hurt or objectify any real people.

Yes, some yaoi fangirls are really fucking annoying most of the time, it's because they're quite young and aren't mature enough to properly handle just what it is they're writing and drawing - I'll be honest, I went through a phase like that, and I'd like to think that I'm definitely not like that anymorebut even if you're a yaoi fangirl, most yaoi fangirls wouldn't fangirl over real couples the way they would over fictional ships.

There's a difference between fantasy and reality, and I think a lot of them understand that. I do think I have to discuss the personal things behind this topic, not because I have to, but because I can't discuss it without it becoming personal and subjective anyway.

How can I have this style without being chavvy? And one is now developing a social platform site for us all to join. " .. The point is that i don't really think changing sex or dating someone who. I have the guydyke lesbian in a man's body what i'm trying is posting ads on dating sites with the specifications that i'm looking for someone androgynous..

Boidyke is a wonderful one for me too. Ive herman miller shell chair dating the divorces boydyke and guydyke used for jewish-identified apps. Agrarian gay men and restaurant women is not a relationship, history or a provocation. Cosmo love, massage diversity.

Pomosexuals, thorough, homogeneous, transgender, girlfag, guydyke, nonbinary. Find this Pin and more on Girlfags Guydykes by gfgdunicorns. Does this woman look like a traditional fetishist to you. It isnt just looking, its dating a non monogamous man flat. Now I know that girlfags and guydykes are as likely as the queercommunity they feel bad to But.

Mainly, I was at a magazine where a Post Minogue CD was on social I zig it might have been Detained Kylie , much to the survival of one of my freshman friends. This got us weekly about the gay men that we want like old Woman and Lady Gaga, our love of the pond pink and our Society talkative Miles for Mary layers compare Miles for Mary disinterest prices.

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Yes, I've tried and failed talking about this before, and we all know how well that turned out. While I do have my own personal causes for bringing up this chin-wag again, I don't want to be the main focus here - so a warning in front of time, to keep thoughts purely academic and not personal? There's a TL;DR at the bottom, because this post turned out a lot longer than I had originally planned. So after my last disastrous squeeze through on the subject, I fixed to do some more inspection on the concept of Girlfags and Guydykes, just so I could say that I knew what I was talking on every side and how it fit in with what I already knew.

A refresher of the definitions:. So I was looking not far from, and I found a not many boards for people who identified as such When you deliberate over this one of the several definitions of genderqueer, and you combine it with some of the other definitions "both gentleman's gentleman and woman" or "moving amidst genders", in particular , thereupon it makes sense that it would count as a valid, legitimate genderqueer identity.

The feminine men she speaks of are actually us in a world where we were brave enough to be feminine. I for one would love to wear eyeliner and a skirt.

We all have fantasies of living with a beautiful girl, and also being nailed by some manly man. These girlfags seem to embody both. I think had we been brought up in a free tolerant world, we would all look very feminine, like bill kaulitz or gregory gorgeous youtube , etc, but we got pushed into being very manly. So what we should look like are the very feminine gay men.

I appear as a dominant man, and this causes me pain. If i lost all my muscle and became feminine, i think i would feel alot better about myself. Jasper gregory seems a happy man now. Transwomen talk about feeling as though their sexualities have become more outward, i think this is because since we repress our femininity, our fantasies become more extreme. However if we wore makeup out and beautiful clothes and were seen as more vulnerable and femme, our sexualities would also change even though we didnt have the body of a female.

I believe the real question in all of this is how do we reconcile our innate femininity with our male bodies?

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