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DESCRIPTION: JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! Click here for more information. Looking for a bit of nightmare fuel wrapped up in a deceptively cute watercolour setting with some adorable moppet protagonists?

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Gretel and Hansel by makopudding. Use your wits to help Gretel and . Refer to the walkthrough to do this listed under Stone 10, the Squirrel Stone. The Flamer. Sort By: Date Score · n3xtp0int. October 8, damn burger king Gretel and Hansel. by makopudding. Use your wits to help Gretel and her. All I will say is I can't wait for part 3, love the Gretel & Hansel games. as to when Gretel and Hansel 3 will be out, or atleast a prediction date. finish this game been at it almost all day no walkthrough lmfao! help out.

FINAL ENDING! Gretel And Hansel Chapter 1 THE END Gameplay And Walkthrough! - Local Dating!

JiG is on Patreon and Needs You! Click here for more information. Looking for a bit of nightmare fuel wrapped up in a deceptively cute watercolour setting with some adorable moppet protagonists?

Gretel and Hansel 2from Mako Puddingis finally here, and the strange saga continues. After the events of the first gameGretel and Hansel find themselves stranded in the woods, and it isn't long before they're separated as well. Much longer than the first chapter, with more puzzles to solve and more areas to explore, this sequel should be a welcome treat for fans of the weird and morbid.

If you played the original, then you'll be familiar with the controls, which use either [WASD] or the [arrow] keys to move around, and the mouse to usually interact with things. Early on Gretel picks up a quaint Littlest Hobo-esque kerchief on a stick that she uses to carry the items she gathers, and you can open it by clicking on it and dragging items out to use them.

Whenever you can interact with something, a cartoon bubble depicting an action appears above it when you get close enough. And, yes, there's even a mute button in the upper left corner if you get tired of the sound. While your first objective is to reunite with Gretel's brother, it will quickly become apparent that you'll also want to find a way out of this forest which Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating filled with all manner of terrible waiting to happen to our intrepid heroine.

Although you can die, and probably will at least once, death is a temporary setback and you'll resume playing from the last area you entered, and the auto-save means you can come back to the game whenever you like. Half the fun of the game lies in experimenting, so don't be afraid to make the obviously wrong choices now and again to see where they take you. Touch that bear with your soft, fleshy, chubby childlike hand. What could possibly go wrong. If you're of a certain age, the macabre tones herein are going to seem less like sacrilege to you.

What Gretel and Hansel does really, really well is actually to capture the sense of creepy, wonderful strangeness that pervaded a lot of older children's movies, like Labyrinth or The Dark Crystal by way of Gullermo del Toro.

While it's chock full of black humour and gore, including a lot of moments designed to make you Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating like a terrible person for laughing at, it has a great otherworldly feeling with the strange spirits and denizens of the forest to explore that makes uncovering the dark secrets a lot of fun.

Unfortunately, Gretel and Hansel's biggest problem is that there's a lot of trial and error happening. Its offbeat world means that it isn't always immediately clear what you should do in any given situation, leading to that age old strategy of using everything in your inventory on everything else, everywhere.

It doesn't help that finding the correct position to trigger an action button can frequently be a bit finicky, so even if you are using the right item in the right place, the game might not register it because you're not positioned just so.

Ultimately, this is the best kind of sequel; something that keeps all the elements of what made the original good and expands upon it in all the right ways. The finale may be a long time away, but judging by the impressive quality put forth in this middle chapter, we're going to have a lot to look forward to in the meantime. I'm a "glass half full" kinda gal. Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating course, if I were Gretel, the glass would probably be full of nails and rabid rats.

And also on fire. That girl has the worst luck. Play Gretel and Hansel Part 2. Walk to the right of the screen where the pile of rocks is and press spacebar to break the rock pile. Stand next to each root and click the pull icon three times on each root so they are all looking in the bottom right corner of the screen. Walk up to where the mound of dirt was shown during the cut scene, a thought bubble should appear.

Watch the cut scene then follow the reflection in the pond to the log on the left side of the screen. Click on the waterfall in the bottom right corner to move the fairy to the water to fill the lamp.

Stand on the right side Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating the tree and use the filled glass jug of fairy water on the tree must be fairy water NOT normal water.

Walk near Hansel and click on the hand icon to have him run over and start turning the waterwheel. Use the glasses and look in between the flower and the tree with the coin sack, a hidden path should reveal. Walk up near the two large floating stones, as you start to walk through them run back towards the left side of the screen as they start Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating smash, then run through them while they reset.

Drag that open eye Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating tab up to the top tear icon to switch places, the open eye stone tab should now be in the top spot. Click on the outer stone wheel to rotate until Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating sun Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating is on the top of the wheel directly above the open eye stone tab.

Walk up to the withered root in the top left corner, stand on top of it and a thought bubble should appear. Purchase the Bow and Arrow you'll need 24 coins… if you need more coins dig up all the other dig spots, like the one near the eyeball tree, the vinecliff, the bear screen, the merchant screen, etc.

Stand directly left of the deer towards the left hand side of the screen till a thought bubble appears with a target. Put the stone eye, ear and mouth into the gargoyles by standing near them and dragging the eye, ear and mouth to the respective gargoyles.

Click the hand icon and either you will shoot the wolf with the magic arrow or throw a bone depending on what you took from Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating ice cave. To access the hidden room you need to get all 14 deaths, once you have all 14 go to the screen with the skull hole pillar to the right of the swamp tree screen. The pillar should rise and robo Gretel and Hansel should appear. Walk up to them and you'll be taken to the hidden room.

Make Hansel walk down towards the scissors. Click on the scissor icon that appears to have him pick up the scissors. Then click near the scissors he is holding to move the fairy close to them. Click on the scissor icon again to have him eat the scissors. One the screen with the skull holes pillar east of the swap tree screen walk to the far right near the water's edge, a hand icon should appear. Click on it to dive into the water.

After using the glasses on rufus and the rocks start floating, walk in between them and wait for them to crush you. On the raining screen with the stone dial with the will- o- wisps move the closed eye stone icon to the top slot, then rotate the outer wheel till the star icon is on the top.

The screen should turn dark. Exit out of the puzzle and mushrooms should appear towards the bottom of the sceen. Walk over to them and click on the icon that appears. Let the wolf catch you here. Jay October 11, 8: We'll make you an honorary Canadian, but only after you realize that the Littlest Hobo is a DOG, not Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating little hobo kid who carries a red-and-white spotted bindle:.

This really is a creepy game. The part with the tree thing really freaks me out. But I'm totally stuck already, and not sure what to do. Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating trouble is like you said in the review, I'm not sure if I'm missing one of those action-bubble things somewhere along the line.

So far, most of the obvious ones have killed me. Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating my face back from the face grabbing spaghetti monster and hansel started following me around again. I couldn't use any items and was therefore stuck. The game saved my progress in this state and I really don't feel like doing Gretel and hansel walkthrough newgrounds dating of that again. Maybe some day, but be warned, this game is buggy.

This game was very well done as far as art and sound great job! I liked how you could control where the character went instead of clicking spots they should go to.

But there were a few movement issues. Sometimes you appear in strange places on the next screen. The second time I played, Gretel did not crawl out of the tree trunk, but appeared on the far left behind the tree with the rope.

The first time I played without the mapI ran through the transition between the water jug area and the beginning swamp area, and then appeared on the far right in the swamp. This always kept happening when I reached that screen coming from the water jug screen.

The game froze once when I ran with the screaming turnip all the way to the water wheel. I couldn't select the map. But I was able to. And you can just walk past the arm if you want. On Newgrounds there are medals. Does anyone know about the Revenge medal. I assume it deals with Hansel killing Gretel also there are 8 secret medals. Hit the hand behind the tree Secret 2: Hit the robot which does not boot it's head in the secret room Liberal Animation: Eat the mushrooms Secret 8: Presuming get every other medal.

Great game but very buggy. Had to reload the game many times. The cursor would disappear on occasion and after changing scenes, Gretel would lose the ability to move. Any other game I would have stopped playing after a couple problems, but this game was so enticing that I had to see the end. Using the glasses prevents you from moving, but if you open and close your inventory, you can move again.

The game thinks you are both using the glasses and not using the glasses at the same time. FUN stuff happens on certain screens. I got a glitch where I did the Head Essplode thing and the death screen didn't show up. So I could still move around as a bloody stump but I couldn't leave the screen. I got the walking bloody stump thing after the head explode death too! After a minute, my character turned back to normal without the death page showing up.

Be Yourself - Is there some cases where that doesnt work? It's possible the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel is so popular because it has all the has passed and it is still not out and no new release date has been confirmed. Share to: How do you beat Gretel and Hansel 2? Watch the walkthroughs on Youtube You can find Gretel and Hansel 1 and 2 on Newgrounds or Armorgames. Not really sure if this is the right place to be posting this in (Sorry, if it's the wrong place), but does anyone know if Makopudding will be finishing..

When is Gretel and Hansel part 3 coming out? Would you like to merge this question into it? Would you matching to make it the primary and merge that question into it? Blend this question into. Split and merge into it. Why is Hansel and Gretel so popular? It's possible the fairy history Hansel and Gretel is so popular because it has all the sound ingredients: Hansel and Gretel steal the witch's gold and find their advancing home, where their dad that's the woodcutter tells them their evil stepmother is dead, and they all live happily still after on the proceeds of the gold.

What's not to like? Who is hansel and gretels father?

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  • Use your wits to help Gretel and her brother make it to the woods This is part one of a three part game so stay tuned for more Gretel and Hansel! Walkthrough here (remove the space after hanse): Sort By: Date Score. walkthroughs can be found here: Sort By: Date Score I went to Gretel and Hansel Facebook There this one person explain of Gretel and.

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