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DESCRIPTION: My name is Oliver Bremer.


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Keynote Speaker – 5 Steps to Build Your Personal Brand Online Co-Founder Dating and #SpeedPitch by Hipsters, Hackers and Hustlers. 5 steps to build your . Co-Founder Dating & #SpeedPitch (December ) on Dec 4, 3 Oct Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats. Co-Founder Dating & #SpeedPitch (November ) to follow us @ HipHacHus and join in the conversation on Twitter using #SpeedPitch.

The Art of Finding a Co-Founder - Free Chatting Dating Site!

My name is Oliver Bremer. I'm working on Founder2be — the original co-founder matchmaking service — together with my co-founders Frank and Co-founder dating & #speedpitch. I grew up in Germany, got my master's in computer science in the U. Seven years later, the day I held the first iPhone in my hands, I did two things:. Next, I joined a tech startup, which got me thinking about solving problems in new ways. Soon I had all sorts of ideas for a Co-founder dating & #speedpitch of my own.

All I needed was a co-founder. And so the idea for Founder2be was born: I had plenty of ideas for startups, but I didn't want to start alone. With every new idea, I asked friends and co-workers to join me. Unfortunately, nobody I asked ever Co-founder dating & #speedpitch to jointly found a startup around any of my ideas.

And if nobody that I already knew wanted to team up, what chance did I have of finding great co-founders I didn't yet know? This was about the time I had my eureka moment: Having met my girlfriend through online dating I thought: I again asked all my friends if anyone would like to co-found my co-founder dating website idea. Most thought I had gone completely nuts. The most common response?

And that's how Frank and I got started. When someone says, "This will never work," it only means, "I don't know how I would make this work myself.

We didn't do much validation. The very existence of online dating was enough validation for us. If two strangers can meet, marry, and start a family, then Co-founder dating & #speedpitch two strangers will be able to meet, discuss ideas, and start a company. I later found out that Dropbox's Drew and Arash hadn't known each other before starting together. They'd met for a coffee at MIT before deciding to build Dropbox together.

I cold emailed them, and Arash responded, telling me that it was Justin from Justin. At the end ofI quit my job at the startup I had joined after Nokia. Apple's share price had doubled since then, which provided the runway. APPL tripled again since! Co-founder dating & #speedpitch guess you can say Steve Jobs funded our startup.

When we started, I decided we would launch within one month. Frank thought I was crazy, but I was keen to get our service in front of users as fast as possible. Truth be told, we missed our self-imposed deadline by one day and launched on February 2nd. At launch, we knew some big features were missing. We were worried to launch with such a bare bones product. But as the saying goes, "If you're not embarrassed when you launch, you didn't launch early enough.

The first users' main complaints were about the exact features they thought we should have. It took us another three weeks to build those features. Fear of failure is why ideas die. We also didn't have a way for people to share their business ideas until a few months later. I figured nobody would want to share their ideas for fear of others stealing them, so I never implemented a feature supporting this use case. Now I laugh about it. Luckily, Frank insisted that we at least try.

He reasoned that if nobody used our sharing feature, we could simply remove it. And people did share their ideas. In hindsight this isn't really a surprise. Ideas are extensions of yourself: The only way to tell if something will work is to try. Even if you don't think it can work, give it a shot.

You might be surprised. Our biggest concern at launch wasn't a lack of features, but a lack of content. A matchmaking website without potential matches isn't very appealing, is it? Ours had three profiles: Frank, my brother Wolfgang whom we recruited to help with designand me. And none of us were looking for co-founders. We were focused on Founder2be. A Scandinavian tech blog covered us for our launch, and we gave early members free premium subscriptions.

By "free premium", I mean they got all the features for free. Note that we didn't yet have the means to charge anyone anyways, Co-founder dating & #speedpitch in truth we had no other option but to give everything away Co-founder dating & #speedpitch free. It took us a long time to finally "dare" to charge.

And when Co-founder dating & #speedpitch did, the first payments didn't take long. Our early users taught us a lot about what people really wanted, which helped us to figure out what we could charge for. Over time we tried to get coverage from the big blogs as well: To our surprise, the biggest question we ever got was, "How much money did you raise?

We didn't raise a round. We didn't want to. And without a round, people didn't want to write about us. Money was all that mattered. I understand revenue matters to investors. But why investment is the most important thing to a blogger? So I think it's extra cool that you guys at Indie Hackers care about what people build, and that you ask us what's going on under the hood and why. The funny thing is that when we stopped trying to get coverage, we suddenly got Techcrunch'ed.

What does it feel like? We made as many sales on that day as we had the previous month. Don't spend your time Co-founder dating & #speedpitch after investors or bloggers.

Focus on your product instead. Listen to your customers. Like Paul Graham says: As people started to hear about Founder2be following the press exposure, a couple of interesting things happened:. It took us a while to figure out how to channel it best. We started with volunteers from all around the world who held meetups in different cities to connect co-founders. It really took off, and before we realized it we had meetups hosted on every continent.

Chinedu and Emeka, our ambassadors in Nigeria, even made it to the cover of Forbes Africa. It's really hard to say what will work and what won't.

My advice is that you never know until you try. Something might sound great but not work. Something else might sound silly but turn out to be a hit.

The only way to find out is do it. We run on a freemium Co-founder dating & #speedpitch, as I mentioned before. The free tier provides all the basic features you need, and the premium tier is designed to help co-founders save time and find suitable matches faster. We complement that with sponsorships in our newsletter. We've done a few small experiments with pricing, but these haven't changed the big picture. Higher prices and fewer people buy; lower prices and more people buy.

The sum in the end has pretty much been the same. The only regret I have from our launch is not charging people earlier. In the beginning we had no paid option. And when we did, the first payments didn't take long Co-founder dating & #speedpitch come in. It's exactly like you commented in your interview with Cronitor: We want to make finding the perfect match even easier.

Just like dating, it usually takes a few dates before you meet someone where you think, "Hey, this could be the one.

How can i stop stressing? Connect and get real advice from entrepreneurs, start-up founders, and company advisors. FounderDating is the premier network for entrepreneurs and startup. Co-Founder Dating & Speed Pitching event EVER!! At our #SPEEDPITCH events, we use SnapZap which allows you to tweet live video clips of the event with..

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