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DESCRIPTION: Tuesday, July 31, Tagged under:

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Who would have their sex life prescribed by Bongo the Clown? . Gerry McGeough, over fifty, married and settled with four young children, . from the streets where his republican worldview had been causing problems for. (fabrikantimmunitet.site); Serious sex offenders neglected by prison An Cumann Seán Mac Eachaidh Portlaoise Gaol POWs for function in Glasgow: . Gerry McGeough (53) who was born near Dungannon Co. Tyrone with his wife. McGeough, the late John McGuffin, the late Jack McKinney, Danny Morrison, Matt . problems with all of these names, as Irish Republicans are quick to point out. For among Republicans, particularly with Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, . land itself becomes an entity (the seanbhean bhocht, or poor old woman).

Tuesday, July 31, Tagged under: Former Blanket columnist and Radical Unionist commentator Dr John Coulter maintains the dollar replacing the euro could help Ireland out of its financial crisis.

An historic gathering of Irish clans next year could well see the dollar replace the euro as the most influential currency of the European Union. Realistically, the eurozone needs a massive and unified austerity injection across all EU member states to avoid the euro becoming merely a Franco-German financial package. There has always been a money lobby in the United States wanting to see the dollar as the preferred EU currency. Greek abandonment of the single currency will see that economy re-introduce its former drachmas, not the dollar.

At first reading, the dollar dominating the EU may seem like American wishful thinking. But that was before the Irish government launched a last-ditch tourism drive to kick-start its severely battered economy, once dubbed the Celtic Tiger because of its world-wide reputation for rapid expansion. Monday, July 30, Tagged under: Guest writer Simon Smith with a review of a book detailing the experiences of women republican prisoners.

In the Footsteps of Anne is a compendium of stories of recollection by Irish Republican women describing their experiences of imprisonment. The length of the book may be daunting to some but perseverance will reward. The stories themselves can be funny, tragic or heart-warming and they are always interesting whether you are reading about a unique reminiscence or several accounts of the same event.

The excitement felt by the capture and imprisonment of the Governor or Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction attempted escape from Armagh gaol is palpable Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction the different accounts never fail to communicate this. The concern by the Armagh female prisoners for the male prisoners at Long Kesh during the camp burning and associated reprisals by the authorities shows how close you can be in ideology, mindset and experience yet be so far apart.

Sunday, July 29, Tagged under: If true, the allegations could not be more disturbing. We have seen a debate over pharmacies and religious organizations opposed to supplying contraceptives. However, this is a state employee with a woman who is in custody. Even without a birth, if these allegations are true, this woman was put through a harrowing experience - Jonathan Turley Most people who have been through jail have met the type: Crow like, their droppings are to be found in a range of locations: The ones with a good memory are the worst: The thought of them, or anybody else for that matter, being the Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction of divinely reveal truths, is laughable.

And they always Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction the Book of Revelations with all its Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction. That seems to be their favourite. It helps their sense of sadism achieve fulfilment, the thought that somebody else might writhe in agony for ever. Nice people so long as they don't live next door to you. Saturday, July 28, Tagged under: It originally appeared on Irish American News. Friday, July 27, Tagged under: Martin Corey Martin Corey: Martin Corey served nineteen years in prison for IRA activity.

He was out for nineteen years. Then they came one morning, Ed note: Took him back to prison on the basis of secret evidence he's never been allowed to see, his lawyers aren't allowed to see it. Can you tell us about it please? This week there's been a lot of happenings and to-ing and fro-ing. Thursday, July 26, Tagged under: Tonight guest writer Satan O'Sullivan pens an ode for his dear friend John For our dear friend, Brother John who daily prays that we have gone to a site that has an acrid smell of burning flesh, a place called hell The kiddies, for having seduced the priests must too spend eternity with the beasts for leading good Christian gentlemen astray they will burn forever, the Catholic way So are we really to fry on the forks of demons the air replete with our anguished Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction without hope of an eleventh hour reprieve for having the audacity to disbelieve?

Wednesday, July 25, Tagged under: Thanks as ever to our indefatigable transcriber. Tuesday, July 24, Tagged under: Religious Discrimination Hicksville Hickey. Who would have their sex life prescribed by Bongo the Clown? Georgie Boy Pell, Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction Aussie cardinal exemplified this by explaining to the world how Jews were intellectually inferior to the Egyptians and that the Germans were punished like no other people in history.

During a televised interview the audience clapped as the presenter cut the tripe out of him. Now Ireland has seen another one that has escaped from the circus. The Aussies can produce them for sure. Internationally renowned for the didgeridoo, the dingo, and the dinosaur — the latter embodied by the Young Earth Creationist looper Ken Ham — convicts and others were often sent from Ireland to Australia.

Now it seems the Aussies are sending them back. Monday, July 23, Tagged under: Gerry McGeough found himself on a dubious honours list. It was an offer he could not refuse. Such matters were relegated for mention after the jubilee tour, when neither Cameron nor his queen need take note.

Context Few legal battles embodied so many issues and inspired so much emotional reaction as that of Gerry McGeough. Meanwhile DUP members, who scarcely conceal contempt for Republicans with whom they sit in partnership at Stormont, attended his trial to spew venom at someone they see as an unrepentant Republican.

Debate The March election climaxed a watershed period. Sinn Fein had stamped party approval on the re-named Royal Ulster Constabulary, and urged supporters to ratify this move at the polls. Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction vote would launch a new era of justice.

Patten, they claimed, had opened the constabulary ranks to nationalists. Future chief constables and someday even justice ministers would take up their posts subject to Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction Sinn Fein veto.

Other equally sincere veteran Republicans, Brendan Hughes and John Kelly among them, felt a moral duty to say no. The RUC was the cutting edge of British repression. RUC hands were bloodstained by shoot-to-kill, or murders carried out in collusion with loyalists. Hundreds had been locked in British prisons, on confessions taken under torture and whitewashed with perjury in Diplock courts.

The constabulary would be commanded, trained and deployed by RUC veterans. These skeptical Republicans feared that familiar nationalist faces on constabulary boards would become cosmetic fronts allowing the British to camouflage repression behind the mask of powerless public talking shops. Gerry McGeough was among those veteran Republicans who stood against any nationalist endorsement for the Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction constabulary.

McGeough said this battle for Republican hearts and Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction was really about future elections, when dreamers of fun putting manners on the RUC had awakened to the dawn of continuing British repression. With his votes cast but not yet counted, McGeough walked out to retrieve an item from his car. The renamed constabulary had pocketed its mandate and was about to take a historic first step in its version of a new era of justice.

Gerry McGeough, over fifty, married and settled with four young children, was charged with joining the Provisional IRA inand, taking part in a IRA ambush of an armed member of the UDR, in which both were seriously wounded. The new era had begun with the new constabulary making an old fashioned retaliatory arrest of an Independent Republican whose real offense seemed to be campaigning for election against them.

The Tyrone Republican could have Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction arrested 20 years earlier, simply by lodging an extradition warrant during his 4 year confinement in a notorious German bunker prison, or during his 3 years in an American jail on IRA weapons charges. McGeough lived openly in Tyrone, joined in BBC studio debates, attended public rallies, and gave speeches outside constabulary barracks with his campaign posters prominently displayed.

Instead the crown moved against him only in Marchoutside the polling centre where his votes were being tallied. Too late, the judge said. Charges delayed so many years would be a clear abuse of process and inevitably dismissed. Human rights observers from British-Irish Rights Watch and the Committee for the Administration of Justice were ordered out of the courtroom.

British pledges that McGeough was free to return to Tyrone were disavowed. McGeough was blamed that no extradition warrant was lodged or that no attempt was made to bring charges when Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction returned home.

If the heralded new era meant anything how could the same Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction still bend the same rules in favor of the RUC-PSNI and across the backs of nationalists? These are polite words for murder or manslaughter. Cover stories given under oath by these troopers before Widgery or Saville must accordingly be perjury.

No arrests of any of these troopers have yet been made, including named troopers identified in multiple killings. Many fear that the newly announced 4 year constabulary investigation will deliver more years of delay and disappointment for these courageous families. Will the constabulary be more interested in pursuing IRA membership charges than British Army murder charges?

The families of some other victims received apologies but no arrests. No one predicts arrests of any members of the British Army or RUC who colluded in murders by their loyalist agents or tortured nationalists at interrogation centers and then sent them to Long Kesh or Armagh, with perjured accounts of voluntary confessions. The crown seems to have bestowed an undeclared amnesty on members of the British Army and RUC which Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction not apply to those Republicans like Gerry McGeough who speak against the British administration.

Diplock Court A Diplock trial was ordered. Those who design Gerry mcgeough wife sexual dysfunction British laws choose their terms with deliberate irony.

These non-jury courts replaced Internment, with show trials that could be counted upon to dispose of unwanted Republicans. Only a Diplock court would entertain, much less credit, the testimony against McGeough. There was no identification by any witness.

McGeough was forcibly stripped and photographed after his arrest. Photos of an old wound were displayed as the crown speculated that it might possibly be a bullet wound, and possibly sustained as far back as Pages from a fictional novel authored by Gerry McGeough were read into the record as evidence of intent. Finally a political asylum application, whose confidentiality is a cornerstone of international law, was admitted without hesitation.


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Housing And Homelessness Emergency, Wynn Thatcher's " blind eye" to paedophilia A new philosophy for the 21st century. The recent Ebola outbreak More on Irish Day: Class, Women, Genius, a Laugh. Lenin's useless eejits http: In its August edition, Searchlight carried an article excoriating The Hibernian and effectively slandering the editor of this magazine. The article was penned by one Scott Millar, an individual who until recently worked as a journalist with The Sunday Times, but is rumoured to have left under strange circumstances.

In the course of his fulmination Millar made reference to the "Searchlight interview", thereby giving the impression that The Hibernian had somehow cooperated with his concoction. No such interview with Searchlight ever took place.

On that basis alone, most sensible people would dismiss the article, along with its lies, smear and innuendo, for the fabrication that it was.

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Is she not into me? McGeough, the late John McGuffin, the late Jack McKinney, Danny Morrison, Matt . problems with all of these names, as Irish Republicans are quick to point out. For among Republicans, particularly with Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams, . land itself becomes an entity (the seanbhean bhocht, or poor old woman). Here is an 'An Phoblacht' article by Gerry McGeough, from , about creating My grandfather was an IRA officer and his wife was a hib..

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  • Fashion · Food · Recipes · Love & sex · Home & garden · Health & fitness O' Neill was handcuffed in front of his wife and daughter, and taken away. Gerry McGeough, who served a jail term for trying to buy Stinger missiles in paper Sunday Life that his own legal problems were the "least of my worries.
  • Gerry has figured us out: we are all a bunch of Oueer Anarcho-Leninist .. by Scott Millar exposing the fascism of former Irish republican Gerry McGeough. .. And nor can I think of these homsexual, non-white Republicans the woman .. the same sex communities now that sexual degeneracy has been given free reign. Here is an 'An Phoblacht' article by Gerry McGeough, from , about creating My grandfather was an IRA officer and his wife was a hib.
  • These are: Plumpton Hill, an iconic piercing peak on the South Downs On the move commanding views of the Weald north to Ashdown Forest.

  • However, the problems there are small beer compared to those at the studied law in the late s and met his wife, Geraldine McGeough.
  • The era has hanker since days of old expected that Americans be treated with honor and pay attention to or according to the primary rules of war.

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